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Whether you want a corporate retreat, a special celebration, a luxury family holiday, or a spa break, our properties offer an environment for your holiday that is exclusive and private. 

Bohema restaurant


Indulge and be luxuriously treated to the Georgian gourmet cuisine accompanied by sumptuous dishes and succulent wines at an award-wining Bohema restaurant. Our restaurant menu offers an imaginative selection of Georgian traditional and tempting fusion dishes guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. This beautifully designed restaurant is distinguished not only with top national architectural award, but also known for its eco-friendly approach using only organic fresh ingredients.The dedicated staff of the restaurant will provide the attention to detail and high-end customer service to make your event a truly memorable.

In fact you will be so amazed by beautiful natural surroundings that you might not even notice savory Bohema cuisine.
Set in the heart of the Old Tbilisi, the Bohema restaurant features an outdoor mega terrace with the most spectacular views of the Old Tbilisi, where private live jazz or folklore show concert can be organized and tailored specifically to your wishes. 

Château Svanidze

Georgia is the birthplace of wine country, where winemaking began around the fifth millennium BC. From the Georgian language, the word “wine” spread to other European languages. Georgia is the only country in the world where wine is kept in clay vessels called “Qvevri”. This ancient method of wine making and storage is inscribed on the UNESCO list of cultural treasures.

The Château Svanidze offers a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating centuries-old wine history of Georgia. The Château is located in the town of Signaghi - a famous corner of wine region, which is called the city of love. From here comes the story of Geogian painter Niko Pirosmani, who fell in love with a French actress so deeply that he sold his house to give her one million roses.

The town of Signagi is beautifully situated on the top of the hill surrounded by a spectacular, defensive wall and is considered to be the second longest wall after the Great Wall of China. Each of the wall's 23 towers is named after a nearby village. The towers were places of refuge for the town's inhabitants during sieges.

The Château Svanidze is well-hidden from the road and opens up into a nice little oasis as soon as you walk through the entryway from the parking lot onto the lawn.  Here, you will be offered to unwind in the privacy of the Château Svanidze with incredible views over the snow-capped Caucasus Mountain range. From this exclusive retreat among astonishing natural beauty, feast on fine cuisine prepared by renowned chefs, enjoy premium local wines and experience the Kakheti region at its opulent best on a private guided tour.

The Queen`s sulphur bath–house

Tbilisi – means “city of warm springs” in Georgian, and is famous for its sulphur baths.Georgian spas enjoyed enormous popularity across Europe and Russia`s famous poet, Pushkin, is known to have said of them: “I have never seen such luxury in all my life. I was literally reborn!”

At the Queen`s sulphur bath-house a sense of antique luxury, wellbeing and private seclusion envelopes you from the very first moment you set foot in our Georgian traditional spa retreat.

Arrive, switch off and experience relaxation for all the senses: Whether you are in search of relaxation, looking to take time out from the strains of everyday routine and simply want to treat yourself to a revitalizing scrub and enhance your health – your personal wellbeing always comes first at the Queen`s bath.The members of our spa team are dedicated to ensuring that your stay at the Queen`s bath leaves you brimming with energy, positivity and confidence.

When it comes to health benefits of natural hot sulphur springs, there is no doubt that its special curative properties will leave your body blissfully relaxed and your skin looking silky smooth with a healthy glow.

The Queen`s bath is located away from the main dome-shaped ones.  You have to walk up a bit, see a sign “Bohema” (that’s our restaurant), follow the sign and discover the Queen`s bath next to it. 

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