Georgia & Armenia Tours

Georgia and Armenia are the oldest Christian countries in the world. Lose yourself in the ancient warren of lanes and courtyards in Georgia's beguiling capital. Discover the spectacular world heritage sites of Mtskheta, from the magnificent Jvari Monastery to an ancient city carved from sandstone. Your warm Caucasian welcome will continue in neighbouring Armenia. Pass mounds of perfumed apricots between huddled houses, and gaze at the snow-capped Mount Ararat rising above the foothills. Armenia's beautiful stone churches match the pink rust-colored cliffs that they nestle in.

Georgia and Armenia offer an unmatched combination of cultural treasures and dramatic landscapes that remain largely undiscovered by the wider world. Everywhere you go will be suffused with the proud traditions of the past and a generous swig of hospitality. TikaTours give you the opportunity to breathe in this powerful whiff of history, to immerse yourselves in the seductive countryside, slide your tongue over Georgian wine and a kick of Armenian cognac and return home with a lifetime of memories.