History & Culture

An outpost of Eastern Europe that merges into western Asia, Georgia straddles historical, cultural and geographical crossroads. Civilizations have collided in the Caucasus since the dawn of history, creating a place so beautiful, so inviting, so intriguing and so thrilling, there's nowhere else like it. History buffs will love disentangling the legendary Greek myths from the jaw-dropping realities - from the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece to the skulls of our human ancestors.

The cities boast mesmerising museums unfolding surprising secrets, dignified concert halls, and home to splendid dance and theatre. Contemporary art and architecture grapple with the neo-classical and the ancient. The regions display their living culture and traditions in the fields, the numerous and beautiful churches, the delicate medieval frescoes and impenetrable fortresses, and around the generously laid  dining table.