Leisure and Health

A hot soak in a thermal pool is one of life's most luxurious and rejuvenating experiences and Georgia is fortunate to be home to more than its fair share of these healing waters. More than 2000 mineral springs have been enjoyed by locals for centuries of splashing, dripping, lounging and wallowing. These hot reservoirs offer recognised medicinal properties and can naturally improve skin regeneration, blood circulation, joint mobility and bring about a general sense of wellbeing.

From Tbilisi's grand blue-tiled Orbeliani baths to wooded alpine spa towns and the Black Sea's most idyllic sun-soaked resorts, a trip to Georgia would not be complete without a stylish soaking. There is really nothing quite like sliding into a hot pool to refresh mind and body. Follow it up by braving a searing sauna and a traditional Georgian pummelling. A brisk walk with lungfuls of fresh pine-scented mountain air and all your tensions will melt away.

Where in the World is Georgia?

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