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Tour Overview

You have already sampled Italian, French and Spanish wines, but where next on your wine journey? And, did you ask yourself about the origins of wine? Venture off the beaten wine path to the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Located at the convergence of Western Asia and Eastern Europe in the South Caucasus, Georgia - a country blessed with breathtakingly stunning vistas, has recently shown up on the radars of wine lovers. A source of pride and sign of hospitality, wine is an integral part of everyday life in Georgia, with traces of wine production dating back to 8,000 B.C. Even the delicate looping shapes of the Georgian alphabet resemble the curled shoots of a grapevine.

The trip begins in the enigmatic capital Tbilisi, before we head into Kakheti dotted with rolling vineyards and the snow-clad Caucasus rising in the distance.

The ground-breaking 9-day tour with TikaTours enables you to get under the skin of the oldest continuous, unbroken tradition of Georgian wine-making, soak in the natural splendor of Georgia, and experience the lavish hospitality of the Georgian people.

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Where in the World is Georgia?

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