Food and Wine

The people of Georgia have a passionate and deeply rooted relationship with food and wine. With their superb cuisine, heady, molten wines and unmatched hospitality, you certainly won't go hungry - or thirsty while holidaying in Georgia. Take part in a Supra and feast on local specialities such as the ubiquitous khachapuri (stuffed flatbreads), shashlik (kebabs), and badrijani nigvzit (aubergines with walnut paste).

During a traditional Supra, not only will you enjoy the salubrious eating opportunity, but you will be expected to sample a world of wine. The birthplace of viticulture, Georgia has the oldest unbroken tradition of wine making in the world, passing on 8,000 years of secrets. Almost every house still has a vine-covered trellis outside, the grapes waiting to be pressed and fermented to create sensational organic wines.

Food and Wine

Food and Wine

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Located at the convergence of Western Asia and Eastern Europe in the South Caucasus, Georgia - a country blessed with breathtakingly stunning vistas, has recently shown up on the radars of wine lovers


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