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Not quite Asian, but not fully European either, Georgia is an intoxicating combination of eastern and western influences and ancient beginnings. One of the earliest places in the world to adopt Christianity, the country is also known as the birthplace of wine and home of the ancient Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts and their search for the Golden Fleece. But Georgia was also home to some of our earliest human ancestors, their remains dating back nearly 2 million years.

Explore Georgia’s intriguing history and vibrant culture. Follow the allure of the Silk Road, a journey which has beguiled travelers for centuries. Discover charming and elegant cities and their art and architecture - churches, cathedrals, frescoes, mosaics, ancient ironage cave towns, fortresses and castles. Experience quirky museums, elaborate theatre and dancing, rollicking local foods and wine and irrepressible music. Visitors will be embraced by Georgian warmth and hospitality.

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours

Georgian Panorama


Welcome to Georgia! The undiscovered travel destination, with immensely diverse landscapes Georgia offers one of the world`s most jaw dropping panoramic views on the planet.


Where in the World is Georgia?

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