Folk Dance

Exquisite, passionate and highly entertaining, Georgian dance is a national treasure that expresses centuries of Georgian art, culture and tradition.

Each dance is a celebration of Georgian life and folklore, portraying the unique characteristics of the region in which it originated. The mountain dances are very different from valley or lowland dances. The costumes are also different for every dance and resemble the clothing of the past from the different regions of Georgia.

Many Georgian dances are based on the idea of competition. They often represent ideas of wedding, war, seasonal celebration, love, courage, the relationship between men and women, toughness, skill and beauty, combining them into incredibly powerful, memorable performances.

Among the most well-known Georgian dances are Kartuli - a romantic dance, the Khorumi war dance, Tbilisuri - a light and fun dance portraying life of Tbilisi, Samaia - a graceful dance presenting Georgian history with pride, the Partsa festive dance, the Mtiuluri mountain dance, Khevsuruli - a dance of love and courage, and the Parikaoba warrior dance.